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If You Are Suffering From Tinnitus, Maybe Dr. Ayzenberg can help you.

Hearing Loss Information

Here is a great article about hearing!

Woburn Award

Received email about how we won

the Best of 2021 in Woburn for hearing aids!

KIWI Masks

For those of you that want a different option of a mask that doesn’t go around your ears, but goes around your neck, try the keep it with you mask or KIWI:

Clear Auditory Brain Training.

What is aural rehabilitation? Click here below for article.

Example of program of aural rehabilitation. Click here.

You Tube Video about listening in noise Auditory Training.

Article About How much High Frequencies Are Lost Depending On The Type of Mask You Use.

This is important for hearing aid users since masks can decreased the amplification in the high frequencies. If you have the option to change the amplification on your high frequencies using your app, this should help. If you don’t have the option to do it yourself, let us know so we can change it for you.

Hearing Loss and Dementia

Interesting article on hearing loss and dementia from New York Times.

Check Out This Research: Hearing Aids Do Slow Down Cognitive Decline

Click on this link

Woburn 2016 Best Place to Receive Hearing Aids

Please see the link below!!  Moon Hearing Service received another award!


Research Study on Hearing in Noise

World’s first ever long-term study on hearing ability in noise. ¬†Check out this website.