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Open House June 4th and 5th Free Hearing Screening

Come in for a free hearing screening and try a pair of hearing aids.

Hear what you are missing!

Healthy Hearing

Here are some recent reviews about Moon Hearing Services

American Academy of Audiology

I will be attending the American Academy of Audiology in California in 2 days.

Download The Savvy Guide to Hearing Loss for Free

One Woman’s Experience With Her Hearing Loss

This is on the Boston Globe.  A book about one woman’s experience with her hearing loss.

Degree of Hearing Loss and Dementia


Interesting article about a direct relationship between degree of hearing loss and their risk of later developing dementia.

Healthy Hearing Review

Moving to a New Office

We will be moving to Choate Medical Center.  The new address is:

23 Warren Ave., Suite 130

Woburn, MA 01801

Phone: 781-573-3277 (EARS)

Consumer Report Checklist On Purchasing Hearing Aids

Here is a checklist on what to look for when purchasing a hearing aid


Device for Tinnitus Relief

We have this device in our office for you to try.  I’m not sure how much relief this will provide for tinnitus sufferers but it is something you can try.  It’s called the Inhibitor and it’s a hand held Ultra sound device which you place behind your ear for a minute.  Check out the website and see for yourself.