Consumer Report Articles About Hearing Aids

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Thank You for The Great Review

I found an anonymous review about me on Health Grades

Thank you to the person that posted that review.

Article on Hearing Aids and Balance

Hearing Aids and Balance

Hearing Aids and Dementia

Here is an interesting article a patient has sent to me.

Hearing Aids and Dementia


Hearing Aids and Balance

Small study on how hearing aids can improve balance:


Moon Hearing Services 2014 Best of Woburn Award

Moon Hearing Services got the 2014 Best Of Woburn Award for Hearing Aids!  Please check out the web site.



Summer Newsletter 2014

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this site.  Just wanted to let you know that our summer newsletter is out. There are tips for new hearing aid wearers, tips for maintaining your hearing aids, how pain killers can cause hearing loss in women, some facts about hearing, how iron deficiency can cause hearing loss, and much more.  Please read!

Review From Yelp

I found a review for Moon Hearing Services on Yelp.  Thanks for the great review!

Newsletter Talking About Assistive Listening Devices

We just released our latest newsletter! Find it at the following link:

Moon Hearing Services Newsletter Fall 2013


Assistive Listening Devices

We have devices that will alert you if you are hard of hearing.  We can provide you Caption Phones, vibrating/flashing alarms, TV Ears and amplified phones.  Please check out the web site and look at the products tab and check Harris or Caption Call.