How To Read A Hearing Test (Audiogram)

Here is a good link about how to understand your hearing test.

Real Ear Measurment

We have Verifit!  It is a computer device to measure whether the hearing aid is giving you the right amplification that is needed for your hearing loss.

Buy Hearing Aids From Local or National Chain?

Here is an interesting you tube clip.

Video About Comparing Hearing Aids

Here is a helpful you tube clip about comparing hearing aids

How We Hear

Here is an interesting article about how we hear.

Online Hearing Loss Questionnaire

How would you rate your hearing loss?

Review About Moon Hearing Services

Found a review about me.  It’s our old address, but I’d like to thank the person for the great review!


Consumer Reports

I just added this on the web site, but here is some useful information about hearing aids from Consumer Reports: