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Provider of hearing aids and assistive listening devices to the Greater Boston Area

Our office is open. Here is what to expect during your office visit:

  • Please wear a mask to the office. If you have gloves, please wear them also.

  • Our staff will take your temperature and ask you fill out a COVID questionnaire.

  • Our staff disinfects all equipment and areas of the office where there is patient or staff contact.

  • We run a HEPA/UV light filter in our sound booth after each use.

Helpful information about masks:

  • If you have a hearing aid that sits on your ear, be mindful that the hearing aid may fall off when you take off your mask.

  • Attaching a mask hook extender to the straps of the mask on the back of your head can help relieve your ears from the pressure of the mask. Ask us how you can get a mask hook extender.

  • Many people who are hard of hearing have high frequency hearing loss, and masks can muffle high frequency speech sounds. Ask us how we can reprogram your hearing aids to better understand speech with a mask.


We accept most health insurances, provide leasing and loaner options, and offer a variety of hearing aid related services, including:

  • Consultation - One of our certified audiologists will meet with you one-on-one to determine your listening needs and help you to find the best device for your particular situation.

  • Dispensing - When your hearing aids are ready, we will ensure a good fit and instruct you on their proper use, care, and maintenance.

  • Fittings - Most hearing aids can be reprogrammed as your hearing needs and preferences change over time. We can also modify the fit of the hearing aid for better comfort.

  • Repairs - We provide repair services for all hearing aid models and styles from all manufacturers, and can also replace worn ear molds.

  • Accessories - In addition to supplies for your hearing aids, such as cleaning tools, cleaning products, dry aid kits, and batteries, we also offer many other products to improve your everyday communication and hearing.

  • Tinnitus Management Program - We will evaluate your tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noise) in one or both of your ears, and help you find coping strategies.

  • Cerumen Management - Wax removal.

  • Assistive Listening Devices